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What to See in Istanbul?

What To See in Istanbul?

Do you have any idea about where to visit in Istanbul and what to see in Istanbul? Istanbul is a metropolitan city located in the Marmara region in Turkey, one half in Europe and the other in Asia. It is called as a “Eurasian” city because of the area it is located in.

There are some places in Istanbul that you should definitely visit just after you arrive at the airport without leaving the city. In this post, we are going to only mention the name of those places. We will have specific posts on each of those places.

Where to visit in Istanbul?

Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) is one of the first place that almost every tourist visit. It should be also in your checklist. It is important both historically and architecturally.

Topkapı Palace is another place where visitors from al around the world visit for some reason. It is the center of Ottoman power. The decoration and treasures are eye-popping.

Topkapı Palace was the center of Ottomans. However, as we approach to the end of the Ottoman era, we see that the center of the government changes. Dolmabahce Palace is important in the history of Turkey. You might consider visiting there after seeing Topkapı Palace.

You can take full-day cruise from Eminonu to Anadolu Kavağı to see the both sides of Istanbul.

If you want to see Byzantine mosaics, you might consider visiting the Church of St. Saviour. Rumeli Hisarı, The Princes’ Islands, Eyüp, Eminönü, Galata Bridge, and İstiklal Caddesi are among other places that should be in your checklist.

Bosphorus Cruise and Istanbul’s Egyptian Bazaar, Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed), Rüstem Pasa Külliyesi, Fatih Mosque and Complex, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Beyazit Mosque, Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Valens Aqueduct, Maiden’s Tower, and Beylerbeyi Palace.

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