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How to get Istanbulkart for public transportation?

How to get Istanbulkart for public transportation?*

Standard Istanbulkart can be used by anyone. You can use it in all transportations including metrobus, metro stations and ferry.

It can be purchased from over 2100 IETT Counters and Private Vendors around Istanbul.

You have to pay for a standard card. The price might change each year so please check with your vendor.

You just need to hold the card to the card readers in the transportation vehicles that are usually located next to the driver.

Electronic cards are good to use as much as two years.

Remember that you cannot pay cash to the driver for public transportation. However if you do not find an IETT counter or a private vendor, you can ask for any passenger to use their own cards. You will give the money directly to that person but usually they will not accept it 🙂 Just say “teşekkürler” which means “thank you”. You can learn basic greetings in Turkish from here.


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