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Overview of the School System in Turkey

Overview of the School System in Turkey

The Pre-Primary education is optional in Turkey for the children from age three to six years.

Compulsory education starts with the primary and it is free in public schools. This education lasts 12 years  as 4+4+4. In other words, all children have to go to school and get a high school diploma since it is mandatory. The last four years of education includes general, vocational and technical high schools.

For those who will move to Turkey and have children, you should keep in mind that the state schools will not provide special help too your kids to learn Turkish language. You should get help from volunteers or pay for it.

We mentioned that the last four years of compulsory education includes different types of schools. In technical schools, students have a range options to study including engineering, electronics, chemistry, machinery, and construction. On the other hand, in vocational secondary schools, the options are tourism, industrial studies, public health, commercial and agricultural training.

The educational institutions in higher education are universities, faculties, institutes, conservatories and vocational higher education schools.

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