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How to Get From the New Istanbul Airport to Taksim

Where Is The Istanbul Airport?

Istanbul Airport is located on the European side of Istanbul very close to the Black Sea shore of the Arnavutköy. Location of the airport is quite far from the centre when you compare it to the Istanbul Atatürk Airport which was closed after the opening of Istanbul Airport. Istanbul Airport is 45 km away from Taksim, 60 km from Kadıköy and 85 km from Istanbul’s second airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

How to Get From the New Istanbul Airport to Taksim

The main international airport of Istanbul is The new Istanbul Airport (IST) as of 7th of April 2019 . The airport is located on the European side and is about 40 km away from central places, like Sultanahmet or Taksim. Let’s see how you can go Taksim from the new Istanbul Airport.

Havaist Airport Shuttle

The most reliable and cheapest way of reaching your destination from the New Istanbul Airport is to use Havaist Airport Shuttle. To reach Taksim using Havais, you need to take the line IST 19: New Istanbul Airport – Beşiktaş – Taksim(this line also stops at Zincirlikuyu and 4. Levent Metro) and you get off at the last stop, close to Taksim square.

The fare for the bus lines is 18 TL per person, one way, luggage included as of January 2020. It takes about 100 minutes, more during rush hour but you will find the buses have TV-movie-series services, WiFi, and USB charging units that will make the trip a bit more enjoyable.

You will find the list of the HAVAİST buses but they will change in time and its better to check on the website before your arrival or departure.

  • İST-1: Yenikapı – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-2: Beylikdüzü/Çatalca – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-3: Otogar (Bus Station) – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-4: Bakırköy – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-5: Beşiktaş – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-7: Kadıköy – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-8 Pendik – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-15: Avcılar Metrobüs (Avcılar Metrobus) – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-17: Halkalı İstasyon (Halkalı Suburban Station) – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-19: Taksim – İstanbul Airport
  • İST-20: Sultanahmet – İstanbul Airport

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Many tourists take a taxi to reach their destinations but you should think one more time. A trip from the new Istanbul airport to Taksim will cost for minimum 105 TL that will most likely increase if  the taxi hits traffic, uses toll roads or takes a longer road.

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Public Transportation

There is regular public transportation from-to the New Istanbul Airport. Although a bit cheaper, public transportation in Istanbul might be adventurous. The only line more or less suitable for tourists is the H2: New Istanbul Airport – Mecidiyeköy. After reaching to Mecidiyeköy, you should take a taxi or the metro to reach your hotel.

Because of the lack of the metro and train lines, all burden of transportation is over the buses.

Most of these lines are operating 7/24.

  • H-1: Mahmutbey Metro – İstanbul Airport
  • H-2: Mecidiyeköy – İstanbul Airport
  • H-3: Halkalı – İstanbul Airport
  • H-4: Atatürk Airport – İstanbul Airport
  • H-6: Mescid-i Selam/Arnavutköy – İstanbul Airport
  • H-7: Alibeyköy Bus Terminal – İstanbul Airport
  • H-8: Hacıosman/Sarıyer – İstanbul Airport

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