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Climate in Turkey

How is the climate in Turkey?

The climate in Turkey is generally considered as temperate though it might be significantly different from one area to other. One of the reason might be the mountains running parallel tot he coasts. The southern and western coastal areas are usually milder compared to the inner and northern areas where the summer is hot and winters might be extremely cold. On the other hand the northern areas have more rainy days during the year compared to the eastern and central Anatolia.

The Marmara region, where Istanbul is in, has a moderate climate throughout the year. However, sometimes during the winter, you can feel below zero temperature during snowy days.

The Western areas (including Izmir and Bodrum) have a mild temperature. It is not too cold during the winters. However, it might be too hot during the summer, as in the southern coast of the country. Especially cities like Antalya, Adana and Mersin have a high degree of moist air starting from June to the end of August.

For the central Anatolia, the climate is changing dramatically compared to the southern and western coastal areas. Especially in cities like Konya, Kayseri and Ankara, the difference between the day and night might be too much. There is more snow in this area however the eastern part of the country is the coldest area in Turkey. In cities like Erzurum, Van, Agri and Hakkari, the roads to the villages are usually blocked by snow during the winter. The average temperature during the winter in the eastern part of the country is around -15C.


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