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How to rent a house in Turkey?

How to rent a house in Turkey?

Finding a good and affordable flat might be difficult for you if it is your first time in Turkey. There are thousands of real estate agents in all around Turkey. They are called ’emlakçı’ in Turkish. You can go to one of those agents and find a flat you need.

On the other hand, majority of people use internet to find out the best flat they can afford. There are hundreds of web sites providing details of rental houses however,  and are two main sources you might prefer to use.

You basically go to those web sites, choose the city and district you want to rent in. You can filter your search by room numbers, the age of building, type of the apartment, etc. If you find a house, just call the number provided on the page and make an appointment to see the house.

You will be asked to pay a certain amount of deposit while renting the house. The amount is usually equal to one month rent. If you find the house by the help of an agent, you will also pay a certain amount of money to the agent.

Remember that you should send your rent to the bank account of the owner of the house since the law orders that.

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