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How to make a rental agreement in Turkey?

You can find property owners in Turkey who do not ask for a written rental agreement. However, you are highly recommended to have one in case of disagreement about the lease term, rent and deposit amounts.

The rental duration is decided by the landlord and the tenant. On the other hand, the rental periods are usually for a one-year duration and it is extended at the end of the year if both sides agree. You should also know that you do not need to do anything to renew the agreement since it is automatically renewed if neither landlord nor tenant gives notice. If the tenant wants to end the contract and move, he/she should let the landlord know at least 15 days before the end of the term. Usually the rates will increase for each extended year.

In a typical rental contract, there should be information about address and retails of the property, landlord’s name and their agent, if applicable, tenant’s information, start date and duration of the contract, rental amount and terms of increase, payment method, amount of deposit paid by the tenant, description of the property, the utilities included in the monthly rent and conditions of the contract.

The amount of deposit is usually equal to two month’s rent. Remember that you should pay the deposit and monthly rentals via bank account.


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