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Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle was built between two ports on a rocky peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides. You fell the smell of the history in your soul and you would be fascinated with the mysterious air coming from its walls even when you just enter Bodrum Castle. Its magnificent architecture away from classical Castle architecture evokes you admiration while you ascend stairs.

In every section of Bodrum Castle that you visit, you feel different excitements and you look envyingly to rich archeological artifacts with the sparkle of the jewels and glasses.

Bodrum Castle was built by Knights of Rhodes in 99 years, on A.D. 15th Century in honor of St. Peter. The first point where Halicarnassus was built were Zephyrion Island. During the construction of the Castle, the stones and reliefs of Mausolos Monument was used on the walls. At Ottomans period, it was converted into a mosque by integrating a minaret to the church. Besides, a small Turkish bath was also built. Used as prison in 1595, the Castle today is rearranged as museum.

Having an area of approximately 30.000 sqm, the Castle has 5 towers. They called French Tower, English Tower, Italian Tower, German Tower and Serpentine Tower. The sections stayed out of the East wall of the Castle are reinforced as double bearing wall. The access to the Citadel is by passing from 7 doors. There are blazonries on the doors.

Blazonries are consisting from crosses, flat or horizontal bands, dragon and lion figures. In the Citadel there are 14 cisterns including the base of the chapel. The blockhouse of the Castle, the moat inter double bearing walls, the suspension bridge, the control tower, the tughra of Sultan Mahmut II are the prominent places of the Castle.

Bodrum Castle, won the gained the characteristics of Ottoman Empire with a Turkish bath structure in the period of 19th century while the castle were used as prison. Today, the Castle is used as Museum of Underwater Archeology. The artifacts that are available in museum collections are exhibited in Turkish bath, Amphora Park, Eastern Roman ship, Glass Hall, Glass Wreck, Coin and Jewelry Hall, Carian Princess Hall, English Tower, Torture and Massacre Rooms and German Tower. Besides, built on a 33.5 decares wide area, in the open spaces of the Castle there are also exhibition of the artifacts.

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