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Turkey’s Special Beverages

Turkey’s Special Beverages

Turkey has some special beverages that are consumed mainly in Turkish society and exported to the world from there. Let’s see what are the beverages special for Turkish people.


Turkey’s Special Beverages - Ayran
Turkey’s Special Beverages – Ayran

Ayran is the first beverage that usually comes to people’s mind in Turkey. It is very healthy since it is made by mixing yogurt with water. It is especially consumed cold during summer. It is also consumed with meat dishes in all around the country. When you go to a restaurant in Turkey, the waiter will definitely offer Ayran as well as other beverages.

Turkish Tea

Turkey’s Special Beverages - Turkish Tea
Turkey’s Special Beverages – Turkish Tea

The most common beverage in Turkey is tea. You will see people everywhere in the country drinking litres of tea during the day! Turkish tea is better if you drink it using a Turkish tea glass, a tulip-shaped glass with no handle.

Şalgam Suyu (Turnip Juice)

Turkey’s Special Beverages - Şalgam
Turkey’s Special Beverages – Şalgam

Şalgam is also popular in Turkey but it is consumed especially in southern cities, like Adana and Mersin. Şalgam is made with the juice of red carrot pickles, salted, spiced, and flavoured with aromatic turnip. You can have hot paprika before drinking Şalgam that will add a great taste to it.

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