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Top Three Turkey National Parks For A Family Break In A Forest Cabin

Here are Top Three Turkey National Parks

Turkey National Parks are great places to visit during weekends. One of the best ways of having good time for families living in big cities is to spend a weekend far from the city. The family members will have the chance to discover the beauty of nature and wildlife all around. Turkey has lots of great national parks where families can stay in a cabin. 

Yedigöller National Park

Yedigoller National Park Bolu Turkey | Turkey National Parks | How In Turkey
Yedigöller National Park

Yedigoller National Park is a few hours drive from Istanbul, the most populous city in Turkey.  Yedigoller National Park is one of the most stunning national parks in Turkey. The National Park takes its name from the 7 small lakes around it. Especially the colors of the forest in the fall is unforgettable.

The opportunities are endless here where you can enjoy hiking trails, hot springs, and even fishing spots. There are also plenty of places at night to find a cabin to stay in.

Regardless of the time, it’s one of the most beautiful forests you’ll ever see in Turkey. 

Köprülü Canyon National Park

Koprulu Kanyon National Park Turkey | Turkey National Parks | How In Turkey

Koprulu (Köprülü) Canyon National Park is Turkey’s most popular watersports area. The national park is perfect for hiking, or to explore the ancient ruins, or just to enjoy the dramatic Mediterranean scenery.

Koprulu Canyon National Park take place high in mountains, 96 km northeast in the province of Antalya.

Nature photography, visiting archaeological sites, geological formations, going rafting beneath the historic Roman bridges in Koprulu Canyon, hiking and camping, and rafting on Kopru River are some activities you can have here.

Mount Ida (Kaz Dağları)

Kaz Daglari Yuzme Dere | Turkey National Parks | How In Turkey

Kazdagi (Mount Ida) National Park is in the district of Edremit, in Balikesir (Balıkesir) province. Suffused with legends and history, Kazdağı today is an excellent place to get away from it all, do some hiking or mountain biking, horse riding, nature walks, and relaxing in the midst of natural beauty.

The basic landscape items of the Mount Ida National Park;

  • Gulf of Edremit
  • Alternative holiday for nature lovers
  • Nature photography in autumn
  • Rich flora and fauna
  • Mount Ida Science and Health House

With its natural resources, different types of forests, valleys and waterfalls, Kazdagi National Park is just like a paradise for nature lovers.

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