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How to get to Antalya?

How to get to Antalya?

By Road: You can easily access to Antalya from other cities in Turkey by bus or your private car. If you are coming by bus, the main bus station is 4 km in north of the city centre. You can go to our post on the bus station and transportation from there to the city center. If you are coming from Istanbul by bus, it will take around 12 hours to arrive. From Fethiye to Antalya is 8 hours, Ankara to Antalya is 8 hours and İzmir to Antalya is 9 hours. If you plan to go to districts, like Kaş, Alanya and Side, you can see services to those areas from the main bus station.

Antalya Bus Terminal Contacts
Phone Number: (0242) 331 12 50 / 513 26 50
Fax Number: (0242) 513 15 87

By Rail: Railway is not a very common way of transportation to Antalya. However, if you plan to arrive in Antalya via railway, keep in mind that the nearest station is in Burdur.

By Air: Antalya airport has direct flights from most of the countries in the world and also cities in Turkey. For more on Antalya Airport, go to our post on Antalya Airport and transportation tot eh city center.

Antalya Airport Contacts
Phone Number: (0242) 330 32 33 / 330 36 00
Fax Number: (0242) 330 31 30

By Boat: For those especially coming from Cyprus and Rhodes, the Kaleici marina is an important point. The passengers from/to Antalya can have ferries to/from Cyprus and Rhodes.

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