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How to get to Dalyan from Fethiye?


How to get to Dalyan from Fethiye?

In Turkey, travelling from a city to another one is very easy since the transportation is heavily done by intercity bus firms and there are many of them providing service to all around the country. Of course, you do have the option to travel by plane and it is usually less expensive compared to bus fees for longer travel routes.

To travel from one city to another, you basically need to go to the main bus station (otogar) of your departure city. In this case, in order to go to Dalyan from Fethiye, a district of Muğla, you will ned to go to Fethiye otogar.

How To Go To Ortaca From Fethiye
How to go to Ortaca from Fethiye

There are two local bus companies you can use to travel between Fethiye and Dalyan; Ortaca Coop and Fethiye Seyahat. These two bus companies will bring yo to Ortaca otogar where you will have public bus & minibus options available to go to Dalyan.

The ticket costs around 13 TL and it takes about 50 minutes from Fethiye to Ortaca. You will take minibus from Ortaca to Dalyan and it will take another 20 minutes from Ortaca to Dalyan. You will need to pay around 5TL to minibus.

How To Go To Dalyan From Ortaca?
How to go to Dalyan from Ortaca?

There are quite beautiful hotels in Dalyan. You can click here to see the hotel options there and make bookings securely.

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