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Christmas in Turkey

Christmas in Turkey

Turkey is a country where the majority is Muslim however it is also a country where specific western traditions are widely celebrated throughout the year. For the ones who is going to celebrate Christmas that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and who want have a special holiday season in Turkey, there are great historical churches and stunning dining settings where you can come together and do so.

Celebrate Christmas in Turkey

As you approach to the New Year’s Eve, you will see houses, shopping malls and restaurants decorated with trees.

St. Antoine is the largest Catholic Church in Istanbul and located in the middle of İstiklal Caddesi, Taksim. The date of the establishment of St. Antoine Church is known to be 1725. You will find a series of masses held on Christmas day in this church in different languages, including Italian and English. Another Catholic church that is ver close to St. Antoine on İstiklal caddesi is Santa Maria Draperis. Santa Maria Draperis is known as the most ancient Roman Catholic church in Istanbul. You will also find events there on Christmas day.

If you are looking for a church near Galata Tower, you might consider The Church of Saints Peter and Paul. It is known to be built in 1840s and holds masses in Italian.

The largest Greek Orthodox church in Istanbul is the Hagia Triada near Taksim. If you are looking for a church where masses in Greek to be held, then this might be a good choice.

Ohher churches you might visit during Christmas are the Crimea Memorial Church in Beyoğlu near Tünel, St. Helena’s Chapel near the British Consulate, the Dutch Chapel in Tünel, Sacré Cœur, a quaint church located in the upscale Bebek neighborhood, and Assumption Church in Kadıköy’s Moda neighborhood.

Those are the churches located in Istanbul. If you are looking for a historical place in Ankara, then you might consider the International Protestant Church of Ankara.

For the restaurants in Istanbul, “The Night Before Christmas” in Cihangir is one of the highly demanded place by foreign visitors in Turkey. Also you can try The Bosporus Brewing Company in Gayrettepe for a Christmas dinner.

We wish you a very merry Christmas!

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