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5 Brilliant Tips To Minimize Wedding Budget

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5 Brilliant Tips To Minimize Wedding Budget

Do you want to minimize wedding budget? I was elated when my youngest sibling broke to me, the news of her getting married to her longtime beau. The excitement had me crying! But she seemed bemused.

I felt a little dubious. On probing, she finally shared that though it was something she had waited for a very long time, she was still in a tizzy. The reason was her financial inhibitions. She was anxious if they would be able to plan and do everything within their pre-decided budget and yet make it a beautiful and an unforgettable affair. It pained me to see her tensed during this beautiful phase of her life. And I volunteered to help her find a solution.
The same night I bumped into Sara, a long lost friend at a bar. We literally took off from where we had left 6 years ago. She was now a fashion designer.

During the conversation, she told me her father runs a very successful event management firm. I was left awestruck for a few seconds before I could thank god for being so kind to me by helping me with what I was looking for!

We exchanged numbers and within days I was at her place with my sister. Honestly speaking, her father was the most altruistic man I had ever met. He immediately agreed to guide us through an absolute pocket-friendly wedding, and that too without charging even a single penny! We couldn’t have asked for more. With an impeccable amalgamation of his expertise in his work as well as his age, he gave us few very crucial suggestions on how we can organize a dazzling night without spending a bomb. These tips will help you to minimize wedding budget.

Following are the inside details he gratefully shared with us:


A venue can make a huge impact on your pocket. And it goes without saying that if you are looking to cut down on your wedding costs, you must choose your venue very very wisely. Try considering below-mentioned points for choosing the best possible option:

● Choose a venue that requires minimal decor

With a grand venue, you can allow the existing infrastructure to speak for itself while you relax sipping on the special wine you have planned as the bonne bouche for the D- day!

● Devising less decor

An aesthetic venue means lesser decor compulsions but even the slightest decor involves equally diligent planning. Flowers, for instance, must be chosen from amongst those that are inexpensive, are in season and native to the wedding location. The centerpieces too should be cheap and may be reusable too.

● Choose the same venue for both wedding and reception

This way you’ll end up saving money on things like booking and decor of two spaces. In addition to this, the shuttling cost between two locations can also be effortlessly avoided.

● Opt for an off-season wedding

If you have been eyeing a venue since, like, forever, don’t shy away from comparing the difference in their rentals during different months or seasons of the year. You can actually save a fortune by selecting a date that is not so in demand. Also, a small piece of info won’t do any harm if it tells you that weekend weddings are bound to more expensive than the ones held on weekdays.

Plus, it’s also a fact that wedding brunches are much more affordable than the dinners since the menu options for both bar and buffet are defined and limited.

Food At The Wedding

Weddings are synonymous with food, booze, dance, frolic and merriment. It’s really important to send your guests home full and happy which is exactly why planning the food and alcohol to be served at your wedding is of utmost importance. Keep track of following details and consider yourself good to go:

● Try for a buffet style wedding

Aiming at a 15%-25% off the cost of food over a per plated arrangement, a buffet layout plan not only accounts for a better option for a cost-cutting plan but it also serves your guests with the luxury of selecting from various food options.

● Don’t let the guests serve themselves

People unintentionally tend to scoop out larger portions of the meal than they actually have the appetite for. So, it’s advisable to appoint staffers who can help with food servings, that will eventually curb down the amount of food needed, along with the amount of food wasted.

Alcohol At The Wedding

While you can still manage to get away if the food isn’t as per expectations, there’s practically no way that you can risk having bad booze at your wedding.
It may sound lame to some, but booze is one energy potion that lets people let their hair down and dance and enjoy the weddings. So if you really wish that people rave about your wedding for a long long time, make sure they get the right kind of thirst quenchers to gulp down.

Tips on how much and what kinda alcohol you need to serve :

● Limit the bar

Keeping budgeting in mind, it’s better to not opt for hard drinks, rather keep it limited to only wine, beer, and one specialty cocktail or a fruit mocktail, that can be enjoyed by all.
You can also try seeking the permission to bring your own alcohol, as it reduces the wedding bar bill by a considerable value. For instance, you can decide on keeping either red or white wine on the menu.

Wedding Dress

Naturally every bride wishes to look unique, with different outfits for each ceremony. Fortunately, there is an option to opt for a convertible wedding gown. Get a few removable accessories that can be mixed and matched creatively, giving you the feel of a new dress for every ceremony.

Involve Your Talented Friends

You can also ask your talented friends if they would be willing to be your wedding photographer, bake your cake, be your makeup artist.

This is a terrific way to cut down major costs of the wedding.Just remember, a wedding is too special a time to be anxious about or repressing your heartfelt desires.

So try and know your budget and plan what you can’t live without on your wedding day. Comprehend your needs vs wants and remember, that what matters the most is that you are happy and glowing on this precious day.

Author Bio/Credentials
Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking. She has been a regular contributor for-

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