How to Say Happy Birthday in Turkish?

Happy Birthday in Turkish
How to say happy birthday in Turkish?
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Happy Birthday in Turkish

You might be in a situation where you should say Happy Birthday to someone who is Turkish. There are many ways of expressing your sense. You can find below four alternative ways of saying “happy birthday” in Turkish that are the most popular statements. Let’s see how you would say happy birthday in Turkish.

Doğum Günün Kutlu Olsun

The meaning is “May your birthday be celebrated” and is the most common way of celebrating someone’s birthday in Turkey.

Mutlu Yıl Dönümleri

It means “happy anniversary” that is not much common among Turkish people but can be used. It is especially not common among older generations in Turkey. Usually younger generation use this expression.

Mutlu Yıllar

The meaning is “Happy years.” Though it is usually used to celebrate birthdays, you can use this phrase to congratulate people in different settings, like the beginning of new years. Though this expression is not very common in Turkey, you can use it without hesitation.

İyi ki Doğdun

The meaning of this statement is “It’s a good thing you were born.” It is usually used if the person is someone you know well. By saying “iyi ki doğdun”, you express that you are really happy with that person.

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