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How To Go To Bursa from Istanbul?

Bursa is one of the great places in Turkey that tourists usually want to visit after seeing the major cities, like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. It is a historical city located in the Marmara region. The city is surrounded by Bilecik and Sakarya to the east, Kocaeli, Yalova, and Istanbul to the North, Eskisehir and Kutahya to the South and Balikesir to the west. The most important aspect of Bursa is that it was the first capital city of Ottomans. You will find numerous historical residuals and structures throughout the city.

If you want to go to Bursa from Istanbul, there are two options; by intercity buses or sea bus. If you think about the traffic jam in Istanbul, passing to the Anatolian side from European side might be very time consuming. There are many intercity bus companies that have service to Bursa from Istanbul that might be considered as the first choice.

The second choice is using sea bus that would help you save your time while enjoying the Marmara sea. There are three stations where you can take sea bus from Istanbul to Bursa; Yenikapi, Besiktas and Kadikoy. Yenikapi and Besiktas are located in the European side while Kadikoy is in the Anatolian side.

You can purchase your ticket beforehand via internet. If you visit you can book your ticket from the three stations that we just mentioned above. If you have a car and want to go to Bursa with your car, keep in mind that only FE (Fast Ferry) coded ones carry both vehicles and foot passengers while DO carry only foot passengers.

Enjoy your travel in Bursa!


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