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How do Foreigners Exchange Driver Licence in Turkey?

How do Foreigners Exchange Driver Licence in Turkey?

Visitors holding a driver licence of their own country can drive in Turkey for up to 90 days regardless of their nationality. however, if you are planning to stay in Turkey for longer period of times, you should get a Turkish driver licence.

If you hold a driver licence of your own country, you can exchange it for a Turkish one. The application process is not that difficult however you might need to get help from someone if you cannot speak Turkish. If you follow the steps below, it will not be difficult for you to exchange your driver licence.

First Step

Go to the nearest Transport Registration Department (Trafik Tescil Sube Müdürlügü). They are usually located at the local police headquarters.

Second Step

Talk to the staff there and confirm that your licence may be exchanged.

Third Step

Collect the following documents

  • Application form prepared by Driver’s Association office (Soförler Odasi). You can get this form at the local Transport Registration Department.
  • Your own foreign driver licence. Remember that it should be valid when you apply for the exchange.
  • You should get your driver licence translated into Turkish by a notary.
  • If you have residence permit (ikamet) or Turkish ID card, you should provide the original copies.
  • 5 photographs.
  • The crime report that you can obtain from the local court house.
  • Health report issued by a state health centre or a private clinic. You should also get the blood group certificate when you get your health report.
  • You should pay the driving licence fee to the tax authorities and get the receipt showing the amount you have paid. Just ask to the staff at the local Transport Registration Department to learn how much you should pay.

Fourth Step

Collect all the forms above and submit them to the Transport Registration Department. You might be able to pay the driver licence fee at the police headquarters. Just ask to the staff.

Fifth Step

It usually takes less than three hours to submit the forms and get the licence. If you submit your forms in the morning, you might get your new driver licence afternoon.

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